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The “Anchor Sheet” is a foundational guideline created for the basis of ensuring your business plan is equipped and solid. When forming a business or running a business, you must have a heavy weighted and secure perspective on the basis of the business. This is to include the purpose of the business, why you are creating the business and who you are as an individual. You must do what you love and let that passion fuel you through the process. In doing what you love to do will enable you to be able to sustain throughout the journey.

Businesses are compromised of individuals that live life everyday and endure real issues. It is imperative that the individual conducting business is solid in their foundation as a person; if the person has stagnate tendencies, not strong in hard decision making, has a hard time setting goals, as well as achieving goals, and lacks vision all of those character traits will be the functionality of the business.

This template is customized to trigger the grounding of the individual behind the business.

“Making Strong Businesses by Making Strong Individuals.”

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